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MF Suspended Ceilings in Northern Ireland.

We supply and install all different kinds of suspended ceilings, ranging from tiled suspended ceilings in an exposed grid system to systems where you cannot see the grid. All these systems allow you to change the tiles or replace them, should you want to or need to. And not to forget how accessible they are, allowing you to maintain or repair anything above the ceiling.
Then you have plasterboard suspended ceilings which do just about the same as a tiled suspended ceiling i.e. fire protection, sound insulation and moisture resistance. However, you can make decorative changes with a plasterboard suspended ceiling, which tend to look a lot neater when plastered or jointed and painted, than using a tiled suspended ceiling for the same task.
Whatever suspended ceiling you�re thinking of having, we can carry out installation from start to finish, including plastering or jointing and decoration.

MF Suspended Ceiling Systems.

These are constructed from a lightweight galvanized metal grid which can be suspended from concrete soffits, steel beams or timber joists. The grid is fully concealed and finished off with plasterboard to produce a monolithic ceiling finish.
A primary grid is attached to the ceiling and a secondary grid is installed at right angles to this which can then be suspended to the required depth with the use of various components including acoustic hangers, which will also provide resilient suspension.
The components available provide a simple solution to forming ventilation ducts and other services. Adjustments to ceiling levels, access panels and bulkheads can easily be incorporated into the design. MF Suspended Ceiling systems can also be used externally, with the correct choice of materials, to improve the fire performance in semi exposed areas such as undercrofts and underpasses, or also to help hide services.
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